Burnley FC - AFC Bournemouth 3:2

SR Slovensko Hokej Exibícia Hviezdy HK NitraBurnley rookie again confirmed that his own stadium this season really well. In an open match finally his rival from Bournemouth outshot 3: 2nd

Score is first changed after almost fifteen minutes of the game. It was a very simple action - everything started to kick long Heaton, the ball bounced subsequently sent to Lowton nabíhajícího Hendrick, who gave a wonderful shot the visitors' keeper no chance whatsoever.

A second goal followed four minutes later, and although he was not a football such finery, its value was exactly the same. On a corner kick jumped Mee, whose head still Boruc was able to eliminate, but the ball went just before coasting Ward, who then easily put away a second time to the network.

Guests but just before the break managed to dramatize the match. That Shot cross to Francis ran Afobe a swift shot to the far post poločasových adjusted to 2: 1 Burnley.

The second part of the encounter offered a balanced spectacle, but instead of settling eventually came home the third goal of the whole. Fifteen minutes before the end of the pass Gray got to finish in the left corner of the box Boyd, who somewhat surprisingly managed to shoot over the defending used to originally. Shot fired perfectly placed so that it fits exactly at the far post, Boruc was again without the slightest chance to intervene.

The peaceful conclusion of engagement then at the time set a little disturbing visiting Daniels, who missed a pass and immediately took a turn beautifully hung under the crossbar Heaton scored. At any compensation Bournemouth but had no time, and so therefore the three points home rejoiced Burnley.