I'd led the club from Premier League

Currently no engagement is Frank de Boer, but this should not have to pay long. Dutch manager after leaving Inter Milan once again ready to go to work and prefer to lead a club from the Premier League ...

Šestačtyřicetiletý pilot after the end of active playing career headed to Ajax, where he gradually developed from youth to first team coach role, which led over five years.

During that time, De Boer with the Dutch giant, won four championship primates before the start of the season, then went to Inter Milan, where, however, lasted only three months.

After the first year on the bench, then Ajax native of Hoorn Liverpool rejected the offer, now however would like to England still head when it comes to the right offer. "I now led the club from the Premier League," said De Boer. "Liverpool I had refused, but when I was at Ajax just a year and it was too early, I needed something to accomplish," he explained.

De Boer returned yet to leave Inter, where he worked, although only three months, but it came to him a whole year. "I had to be there to deal with so many outside football things that then completely wasting energy on football. After each problem, I thought it's good, but he followed others. I worked at Inter Milan three months, but I had a feeling as if it were a full year, "said De Boer.