Schalke 04 - PAOK Thessaloniki

Although Schalke in the Bundesliga groping in the Europa League wrote a completely different story. A significant goes wrong when a rematch with PAOK, eight-finals would not in any way to escape. In Greece, a fact brought home Three-goals lead, which is only needed to watch with attention. Wards coach Vladimir Ivic in Gelsenkirchen will have nothing to lose.

Indeed the whole notným difficulties Thessaloniki slipped in the fall of the basic groups. And even if he had actually over the past two and a half months online live betting very good form first spring engagement in European cups ever make it. Above all, it had to be sorry now collected two goals at the end of that clinched their little chance of moving forward.

And moreover Serbian pilot in Germany will have to bypass immediately without six players. A week ago vykartovali Léo Matos, Fernando Varela and Marin Leovac, injured José Alberto Canas and miss will also continue Aleksandar Prijovic and Ergys Kace. Ilic will have a lot of thought to choosing the starting lineup.

Everything just at the moment plays against PAOK, and it is of course only good news for Die Königsblauen, who certainly do not intend to disappoint their fans again. Already this is definitely not accustomed to the situation in the domestic league, where they occupy up to tenth place. Last team coach Markus Weinzierl failed to win a relatively important engagements in Cologne.

Home strategist made no secret of the fact that leave to rest some of his support. "We have a busy schedule in the next days it will be different," he explained. "We think up to six weeks in advance, to properly distribute the forces and find the right combination. The idea to rotate the base is there. But we have a strong team with a lot of good players," he saw no problem.

If when Schalke simply can not establish on its successful journey in basic groups, which triumphed in six games five times, will be a big surprise. Basically, you can in fact afford to lose, and yet against the Greek units in seven cases in a row is always at least tied. Even this statistic in his favor.

As for absenteeism is concerned, they are on home definitely much better. They would miss only Franco Di Santo and Breela emboli. "We know we have not achieved anything yet. We still have ninety minutes and a lot of heavy," he added Weinzier. "Opponents are doing in their league. We want to anyway in the second match play to win."